Data Management


a) Data Analytics

Our analytics expertise helps our clients identify and capture the most valuable and meaningful insights from their data, and turn them into competitive advantages. We deliver insight and impact for clients through a wide range of flexible support models, providing ad hoc, deeply transformational, and ongoing analytics architecture and solutions.

How this service benefits you

  • Saves you time and money
  • Faster decision making
  • You get to analyze trends and patterns
  • Gives you a competitive edge.

b) Document and Records Digitization

We provide quality document management solutions to the Kenyan market through document digitisation and bulk scanning services, document indexing,  and electronic document management systems.

We offer an integrated solution in document management from document collection, verification, document scanning, data entry, retrieval and document warehousing.

c) Data Cleansing and Enrichment

We enhance the quality of your data by identifying, correcting and verifying inaccurate, incomplete and irrelevant data.

d) Data Collection and Data Entry

We convert large volumes of handwritten or printed documents such as research papers, case studies and reports into digital formats. We also collect raw data through various methods, collate and analyse it.

Data Collection

We collect raw data through various methods and collate it in a systematic and organized format that can be analyzed and accessed easily.

Our data collection system is highly structured and allows us to gather specific information in a systematic fashion, subsequently enabling you to perform analysis on the information that we gather for you. We believe that accurate data collection is essential to many business processes and for this reason, we have invested in different tools and mechanism that validate your data prior to sharing it with you.

Data Entry

Data collection and data entry from hard copy documents, digital images or the Internet can be stressful,  time wasting and can take you away from doing what you do well and steal valuable resources that can be better utilized in your core business.

That is why we are on hand. We convert large volume of handwritten or printed documents such as research papers, case studies and reports into digital formats. Our double data entry system guarantees quality and accuracy for all your documents.

So, why not outsource the stressful hard work to our team with a proven track record and to effectively manage your data entry process in a timely and affordable approach?

How these services benefit you

  • Minimizes your administrative stress
  • Saves on your operational costs
  • Frees up your time and resources
  • Gives you a competitive edge.