Digital Work Training


We believe that empowering people with skills and opportunity is one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty and have sustainable development. This why we have a robust Digital Work Training Program that trains youth with skills to undertake online work which helps them earn, become self sustaining and also launch into other careers.

Our Digital Work Training training has a specific emphasis on pursuing freelance online work. Our research has shown that all people who can successfully take up freelance work are equally employable while this is not always the case vice versa.

Freelance work is also attractive to young people who seek varied experience and flexibility in working times and conditions.

The training is offered at 2 levels

  • Foundation Course
  • Online Digital Work Course

Foundation Course

Digital literacy is the foundation of any digital project delivery. This training program seeks to empower trainees on how to gain from the digital opportunities by teaching them the best marketable digital skills. We cover the basic and advanced elements on how to stay equipped for digital opportunities, relevant skills and knowledge of essential applications to facilitate excellent service delivery.

Online Digital Work Course

This course focuses on the core elements of what it takes to become a successful online freelancer. It empowers learners to know more about this growing labour market only found online. By completing this program, learners will receive a professional skill that will allow them to maximize on online work opportunities straight away.