Digital Skills Training


digital-work-training, digital-skills-training, digital-skills-training-in-Kenya, digital-skills-training-in-Nairobi, digital-training-in-Nairobi, digital-training-in-Kenya, digital-training, adept-technologies, adept-technologies-digital-training, affordable-digital-trainingTechnology is advancing at a scary pace, largely contributing to the immense speed of digital transformation across all aspects of life. These technological advancements are revolutionising the way we work.

We understand that in this digital era, digital skills are key when seeking employment. Therefore, we offer a robust Digital Work Training Program that equips the youth with skills to undertake online work which helps them earn, become self-sustaining and also launch into and succeed in other careers. We purpose to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development.

Our Digital Work Training programme has specific emphasis on pursuing freelance online work. Our research has shown that all people who can successfully take up freelance work are equally employable while this is not always the case vice versa. With the advancing technology, freelance work is also becoming attractive to young people who seek varied experience and flexibility in working times and conditions.

Digital literacy is key to any digital project delivery. This training programme seeks to empower trainees on how to gain from the vast digital opportunities by teaching them the best marketable digital skills. We focus on equipping our trainees with relevant skills and knowledge of essential applications to identify and gain from digital opportunities and facilitate excellent service delivery.

The course focuses on the core elements of what it takes to become a successful online freelancer. Through the programme, we endeavour to create awareness of this growing labour market only found online. On completion of this programme, learners are equipped with a professional skill that allows them to take advantage of online work opportunities in their area of training.

Coding for Kids

adept coding for kids

At Adept Technologies, we employ a tutoring model that blends theory with experiential learning which helps kids broaden their minds and develop curiosity and creativity. We offer comprehensive training in Scratch which is a simple block-based visual programming language that is an educational programming tool, specifically for kids.

We make learning a fun and playful experience by enlightening young minds about new-age technology while empowering them with skills that allow them to create their own interactive stories, games and animations and much more using PictoBlox (a Scratch blocks-based coding platform with enhanced hardware-interaction capabilities).

Our training program provides well-rounded learning resources for the young mind to learn coding, artificial intelligence and robotics. Empowering the future of our civilisation with 21st century skills- Innovativeness, Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving and Teamwork- propels them to excel in a tech-dependent future.


Continuous learning is the only assurance that your workforce will be more productive and therefore you need to embrace and integrate training in your organization if you want to increase productivity and be more competitive. Tested and approved by many world-class organizations, eLearning is the most efficient way to deliver cooperate and institutional learning to your workforce and students.

Adept e-learning

Why Us?

At Adept Technologies we aim to develop learning experiences focused on meeting your organization’s training needs. We employ instructional design principles and practices to deliver highly interactive and engaging solutions for your learners. We have empowered our development team with the latest technology and skills to create effective eLearning courses for our clients.

To identify your training needs and the training objectives, we engage your subject matter experts to ensure the courses meet those needs. We help your learners best understand the subject by structuring your content, activities and assessments into an impactful learning experience.

To enable you integrate the end solution with your learning management systems, we ensure the courses are compliant with SCORM, AICC and IMS industry standards. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your organizational training needs.


  • Self-paced learning– your audience can learn at their own time and pace that empowers them and increases engagement.
  • Cost saving – You don’t need to budget for travel, trainers, venues and course materials as in traditional classroom-based learning.
  • Flexibility– eLearning meets the needs of all your audiences as they can learn from anywhere at any time. Your remote workers will benefit a lot from this approach.