Machine Learning

Image Processing and Recognition Services

Image Processing and Recognition Services are essential for machine learning capability, however its also an extremely time – consuming and labour-intensive process.

Our Image Processing and Image Recognition Services are therefore your trusted and reliable partner for all your annotation projects. Our service will assist you in scaling your machine
learning capabilities fast and naturally because we use human judgement to transform your natural language data into valuable training sets for your algorithm.

Our services support a range of business applications from data acquisition and processing to
analytics, entity extraction, fact extraction, and question.

Image and Video Annotation

We offer annotation services of any magnitude from weak labelling like annotating lines to complex projects.

Why use us

Our team is highly trained and experienced in labelling, classifying, adding notes, comments, captioning and tagging images for machine learning. We have a scalable capacity to handle all
your project’s needs.

Who uses this service

Some of the ways our clients use our image annotation services:

  • Feeding computers with the required algorithms for various purposes like object identification etc.
  • Naming people in photos by assigning captions and comments to specific

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