Machine Learning

Image Processing and Recognition Services

Image Processing and Recognition Services are essential for machine learning capabilities. However, it’s also an extremely time–consuming and labour-intensive process.

At Adept Technologies, we aim to assist you in scaling your machine learning capabilities fast and naturally as we use human judgement to transform your natural language data into valuable training sets for your algorithm. We accommodate a range of business applications from data acquisition and processing to analytics, entity extraction, fact extraction, and question.

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Image and Video Annotation

Video and Image annotation is essentially the process of analysing, marking, tagging, and labelling video or image data.

Outsource your image and video annotation to Adept Technologies so that you can free up your time and let us do what we do best.  We deliver quality datasets, our diverse and extensive team ensures your data contains no bias, and we can scale to suit your needs.

Why use us?

Our team is highly trained and experienced in labelling, classifying, adding notes, comments, captioning and tagging images as well as videos for machine learning. We have a scalable capacity to handle all your project’s needs and would be instrumental in achieving good results in all your annotation projects.