Digital Conversion

Digital Conversion

Continuous learning is the only assurance that your workforce will be more productive and thereby more competitive. Tested and approved by many world-class organisations, eLearning is the most efficient way to deliver corporate and institutional learning to your workforce and students.

Instructional design principles consider how educational tools should be designed, created, and delivered to any learning group – from grade school students to adult employees across all industry sectors. We will transform your PowerPoint presentations or other training material into innovative and interactive e-learning courses by employing modern learning techniques and instructional design.

Why choose our Digital Conversion?

We deliver immersive learning experiences that make the learning journey worthwhile and enjoyable.

Digital conversion is for you if you are:

    1. an entrepreneur building an innovative new e-learning app,
    2. a learning institution looking to help your learners achieve excellence,
    3. or an organisation conducting employee training or orientation,

Our dedicated e-learning design and development teams help you build and customise the perfect solution.

Transcription and Captioning


We convert audio and video files into high-quality and accurate readable text files. We understand that time is important to you, so our team ensures that your project is delivered within the agreed timelines.


We offer recording services, equipment and trained personnel for legal arbitrations and other small groups. This service is provided only with transcription

Captioning and Subtitling

We provide accurate closed captions and subtitles for your videos, TV programming, games and online content for commercial and entertainment purposes. We ensure that the texts are accurately superimposed on the videos allowing your audience to have a great experience as they enjoy their movies or shows.

Captioning and subtitling offer your content:

    1. Wide reach of a diverse audience.
    2. Prolonged viewer concentration.
    3. Enhanced viewer experience.