We help our clients in their digitisation journey, providing them with accurate data, a personalised contact centre, Image annotation, Cloud Services, and machine learning support services.


Digitization & Data

We help businesses digitise their documents and processes and thereby make dramatic gains in efficiency and productivity by improving how they collect, organise and manage their documents, information and processes.

Skills Training

We offer Online Work Training programs, Workplace Digital Learning and Coding for Kids to equip trainees to use technology to earn, work and create.


Our team is highly trained and experienced in labelling, classifying, adding notes, comments, captioning and tagging images for machine learning. We have scalable capacity to handle all your project’s needs.


We have a scalable team of trained agents that will provide you with personalized services to assist you in reaching your business objectives and serving your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cloud & Data Protection

We provide private cloud storage, data migration and protection services ranging from compliance to cyber security.

Transcription & Captioning

We have a professional and highly trained team to convert your audio and video files into high quality and accurate readable text files with 100% human-generated transcripts as well as precise captions and subtitles

Coding for Kids

Adept Technologies blends theory with experiential learning which helps kids open their minds and develop curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills – the must-haves in 21st century.

Digital Conversion

We work with e-learning developers, trainers, educators and HR professionals to convert training content, policies and guidelines to an interactive learning environment that ensures effective and efficient learning experiences for learners and audiences of all ages.