Adept Technologies Ltd is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We support businesses to outsource labor-intensive digital work in a socially responsible way. Founded in 2007, the company has a track record in performing non-core yet valuable and confidential digital work for many local and international clients.

Our business model is aimed at fighting poverty through the provision of dignified work to youths and women from different backgrounds.

Our Clients enjoy Reliable, Responsive, High-quality and Personalised Services to serve their business needs. Our Clients are located in Kenya, Switzerland, the US, UK and India.

What We do

Adept Technologies Ltd supports Businesses, Organizations, Institutions, and Individuals through the provision of high-quality services in Data Management, Transcription and Captioning, Customer Support, Machine Learning and Digital Work Training.

Our services avail data to businesses in a format where it is easily accessible and it speaks to them.  With this data our clients can then cross-reference the data, manipulate it, improve their models, and enhance their efficiency and products.

At Adept, we remove the constraints of skill, time, location and team size. To grow, our clients do not have to scale up their team as we offer quality organizational process, abundant workforce and dedicate resources to your needs. Our work allows our clients to focus on their core business and make efficient their model.

Purpose Statement

To support businesses to achieve their strategic objectives as we provide opportunities for personal and professional skills development to the youth.

Adept’s mission is to provide opportunities for personal and professional skill development to the youth. We recruit, grow and nurture talent and more importantly, expose young people to opportunities. By doing so, scores of Kenyan youth can earn a living and improve their living standards.

Our Values

Dependable, Versatile, Teamwork

In everything we do, every day;

  • We are dependable and bring our best effort to every task.
  • We are versatile and solution driven, always seeking new and better ways to offer value.
  • We listen to our internal and external partners and work together to achieve superior outcomes.

Our Team

Adept employees are eager to show their talents by supporting your business goals.

Adept Technologies key success factors are:

  • Experienced and motivated team
  • Intensive coaching and training for all employees
  • Reliable and consistent quality