Adept Technologies Ltd was founded in 2007. We are a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that deals in both onshore and offshore outsourcing in IT-enabled services (ITES) and are based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Our clients boast of a BPO that supports their business objectives, as well as help them be more agile, flexible, more innovative, and ultimately, more competitive in a digital economy.
We understand the diversity of backgrounds in our locality and play a big part in empowering the youth, women, and the differently abled by reducing income poverty through the provision of dignified work.
Our clients are located in Kenya, Switzerland, the US, UK, and India.

What We do
Adept Technologies Ltd has a track record in providing highly professional and exceptional Customer Support services, Data Management, Transcription and Captioning, Machine Learning and AI services, Digital Work Training, and Cloud Services to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our services avail data to businesses in an easily digestible and comprehensive format that speaks to them. With this data, our clients can then cross-reference the data and manipulate it to improve their models while enhancing their efficiency and productivity.

At Adept, we help our clients get ahead of the competition as we offer quality organizational processes, an abundant workforce, and dedicated resources to your needs. Our work allows our clients to solely focus on their core business functions leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased profit.

Purpose Statement


To use digital solutions to improve the livelihoods of businesses and create employment


To advance the adoption of digital solutions as we provide employment and personal as well as professional skill development opportunities to the youth.

Our Values

Ongoing learning
We value ongoing learning because we understand we need to keep abreast of change.
In everything we do, we are versatile and enjoy the challenge of doing different things.
We are innovative and are always seeking new and better ways to offer value.

Our Team

We focus on wholistic development and mentorship of our employees’ professional, digital skills and their natural talents. We provide employment opportunities and jumpstart careers for youths from disadvantaged backgrounds, women, and the differently abled.
By exposing our young people and women to opportunities, they are able to earn income and better their standards of living. This goes a long way in reducing the global income poverty.
Adept employees are eager and willing to showcase their talents by supporting your business goals.

We thrive on these key success factors:

  • Experienced and motivated team.
  • Intensive coaching and training for all our employees.
  • Reliable and consistent quality.