Sustainability & Impact


Social Impact

Adept Technologies Ltd is a social enterprise that engages in Impact Sourcing. We enable businesses to achieve their goals while also impacting society by empowering young people to unleash their potential through our social impact programs.

Over the years, we have offered training and a first job experience that have enabled many youths to launch their careers at Adept and others to become self-sustaining through online jobs.

By equipping the youth, women and the differently abled with digital skills and employment opportunities, we largely contribute to the eradication of poverty and growth of the national economy.


4 SDG Goals direct Adept’s sustainability plan.


Gender equality. Adept is a women-owned and led company committed to having women in leadership positions and has a bias in hiring women.


Decent work and economic growth. We are committed to providing dignified and liveable wages to all our staff. From various training we offer to our in-house team, our staff can pursue freelance online projects in their free time.


Responsible consumption and production. We seek to leave minimum harmful impact on our society through how we work, use our resources and dispose of our waste.


Partnership for the goals. Partnership is one of Adept’s key drivers. We believe in collaborating with our clients, staff and community to drive change, champion and accomplish sustainability in all areas.

Our 3 Sustainability Pillars and what they mean to us

Adept seeks to be a responsible citizen and aims to pursue the three pillars of sustainability mutually and zealously.

Economic Sustainability

As a sustainable business, Adept Technologies will consider Economic Sustainability to refer to the company’s profitability and contribution to a strong and healthy local economy.

Social Sustainability

We recognise that our business operates in a society, and as such, we play a role in promoting social impact, both internally and externally. Consequently, we owe a duty of care to our employees, community, supply chain and the globe.

Environmental Sustainability

Adept Technologies seeks to create a positive impact on the environment by promoting the efficient use of the scarce resources available and by fostering sustainable behaviour among its employees.